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Ukrainian is spoken by about 32 million people as a mother tongue and by about 13 million people as a second language, making it the “third largest” Slavic language.
Looking at the origins of the Ukrainian language, it finds its origins in Old East Slavonic, which was the language of all Eastern Slavs in the 13th century. The Russian and Ruthenian languages then developed from Old East Slavonic between the 14th and 18th centuries. The latter is considered to be the language of the Ukrainian ancestors, from which the Ukrainian literary language developed in the 18th century. In the 19th century, Ukrainian culture flourished and the literary language developed further and became the language of schools and the official language. With the founding of the Ukrainian People’s Republic in 1918, Ukrainian became the state language. During the Soviet Union, Ukrainian was not banned, but Russian was declared the official language of science and media. Therefore, the Ukrainian colloquial language still contains many Russian terms and borrowings, even though Ukrainian has been the sole official language in Ukraine again since 1991. Ukrainian, like Russian, Bulgarian and Belarusian, is written in Cyrillic letters.

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