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Retrospect and outlook


a year ago hardly anyone could have imagined how this year 2022 would unfold and end. While we were unsure whether the 2022 pandemic would finally come to an end or whether it would strike again, a completely different threat slowly emerged – a crisis that shook the economy, but which above all affected us personally and aroused our primal fears. Images of war victims – again in Europe….

Will the world ever be as we know it? Is this now the beginning of a whole series of wars, after all the years of peace and democracy?

The uncertainty was great and is still there. But isn’t it scary how much people have “got used to” this new situation in the last 10 months? That’s how human beings are and that’s how they have to be, it’s his instinct for self-preservation.

And if we look into the future, we realise that pandemics and war will probably not remain isolated crises. Just think of the climate crisis.

But the last year has also shown how quickly everything can happen if one only wants or is forced to. Green energy has received an enormous push, Europe is finally pulling together again after years. People are openly opposing dictatorships and risking their lives because they now see the world at a crossroads. The energy of these incredible courageous people is a positive one that can help the whole world catch up on long overdue tasks.

With this in mind, we look forward to the next year, 2023, where cohesion and collective action can work for the good of all. Everyone can decide for themselves how and when….

All the best to you and your loved ones, have a good rest and then we will all tackle the new year together!