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No frills!

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The year 2023 is soon to an end, and I don’t know about you, but it’s hard to find any positives in this year. The tone in politics and on the street has become even harsher, resentment and discrimination are being lived out more and more in the open and respect for each other is becoming increasingly rare. Added to this are fears of continued high inflation and the consequences of advancing climate change.
After the years of pandemic and the numerous Lockdowns, we were simply longing for some sense of normality. But things turned out very differently and it seems as if we as a society lost some carefreeness and innocence.
Without a certain easygoingness, and maybe even naivety, is I believe optimism not possible. But I want to stay optimist, I want to think with optimism.
That is why I continue to believe that people will come to their senses and recognise the right of all people to exist. That is why I continue to believe that people will make the right choice from a democratic perspective in 2024. That is why I continue to believe that innovation and hard work will pay off for the economy as a whole and can create better conditions for everyone.
All pious wishes? Perhaps – but if we all work on ourselves and work together, we can at least take a few steps in the right direction. Wouldn’t that be something for 2024?
I don’t want to end this email without thanking you all very much for your great partnership in 2023. We at Skrivanek really appreciate it.
For now, I wish you all a restful and peaceful festive season.
No frills – just relax! We need a lot of strength in the new year!