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Hooray! We made it!

ISO 185872017_EN

Having recently developed our own Neuro Machine Translation Skrivanek NMT, we have now also successfully secured 18587/2017 ISO certification for our post-editing services.

The 18587 ISO standard is still relatively young, and sets international standards for post-editing (retroactive editing of machine-translated texts by a human translator). This step should improve the quality of the post-editing process in a measurable and continuous manner. 

This certification is primarily related to the process and the workflow involved in post-editing, where the project managers play a central role. They check whether the subject and content are suitable for machine-translation with subsequent post-editing or not. Highly regimented text-types are relatively well suited to NMT, while more free and creative text-types such as marketing texts are less suitable.

The project manager checks the client’s requirements. Will the translation serve a purely in-house purpose, or might it also be published? Depending on the answer, the project manager will then prescribe light post-editing (minor changes to ensure comprehensibility) or a full post-editing project (complete editing of publication ready text) and allocates the project to competent post-editors, who are specially qualified in the subject. The project manager will then document the feedback from the post editor as well as their performance. And, last but not least, they are also responsible for adherence to agreed deadlines and complete delivery to the client.

We are very proud to have been awarded this certificate, which attests that we can deliver very large translation projects in a short space of time at a high-quality level.